Development.  Sportsmanship. Competition.


The Rhode Island Youth Basketball Association (RIYBA) is an organization whose membership consists of both boys and girls youth basketball leagues from the state of Rhode Island.  RIYBA supports the rules and policies of our member organizations, however, RIYBA is not involved in the management or any matters involving our member organizations or individual teams.   


If you are searching for a league for your son or daughter, please refer to our Organizations page and contact the organization nearest to you.

Our purpose is to organize and oversee a quality competitive basketball opportunity for our member organizations.  We do so by creating the structural framework for RIYBA members to assemble all-star travel teams that can compete at the highest levels.   This competition is primarily offered through our member tournaments that are played every weekend throughout Rhode Island from late November to early March.



RIYBA endeavors to provide a service of quality competitive youth basketball opportunity for our member organizations and its’ players and families by creating a framework that encourages integrity and fairness in basketball competition and leads to a pleasant, enjoyable experience for the players and their families.


We seek to accomplish this by promoting: 

  •  Development:  Individual player and team development provided through additional/better basketball coaching, training, and opportunity than may be provided at the recreation levels.

  • Sportsmanship:  Encourage and prioritize the teaching of good sportsmanship through model coaching and training which is expected from each RIYBA coach, as prescribed in our rules and provided in RIYBA communications.

  • Competition:  Organize and provide valuable basketball opportunity and experience through competition at the highest levels via quality travel team tournaments.


The RIYBA website is the primary means of communication to the public and can be referenced at any time for information.

We are pleased to announce that we are also on social media. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


Tournament Information and Results:  

RIYBA Website

Important Notices (inclement weather, etc...):                 

RIYBA Website, Facebook, & Twitter

Regular RIYBA Communication Protocol: 


RIYBA organizations each have the opportunity to host a tournament during the season.  Tournaments are organized and managed solely by individual member organizations. 


As RIYBA does not participate in these tournaments in any way, RIYBA is not responsible for any inappropriateness, mismanagement, negligence, injury, or any other wrong-doing that may occur in any individual tournament, and as such, is not liable for penalty or remedy in such matters.

Teams do not have to be part of RIYBA to enter a tournament, however they must follow the criteria for eligibility established in RIYBA’s rules and regulations.

All RIYBA tournaments will be posted live on this website and results will be posted on a daily basis.  Standings will be tracked and rankings determined based upon the results posted in the tournaments.


RIYBA currently consists of 29 member organizations and 2 affiliates.   Each organization is represented by their travel directors and/or presidents.  The membership is administered by the RIYBA president, and meets at least twice annually to discuss and vote upon rules and policies that govern and provide common ground for all of the tournaments.  Each year, RIYBA also coordinates the scheduling of these tournaments.


While out-of-state teams can participate in RIYBA tournaments, only RI organizations can become members of RIYBA. 

The following represents the criteria for joining RIYBA:

  • Basketball organizations wishing to join RIYBA must have representation of at least 3 travel teams.

  • They must agree to abide by the rules established by RIYBA for RIYBA tournaments.

  • They will be subject to dues and fees imposed as agreed by the membership for the purpose of the membership.

  • Each organization has the opportunity to host a tournament.

    • Members that host tournaments must abide by time deadlines for submitting tournament information to RIYBA.

    • Members that host tournaments must provide a scoring liaison responsible for providing timely scoring updates to the RIYBA tournament online posting.

    • Each organization is allowed to have representative(s) participate and vote in membership matters.

Affiliate Members do not meet the full requirements for RIYBA membership set out above; however, they:


  • Meet all RIYBA rule requirements

  • Pay dues to participate in RIYBA tournaments, be included in standings, and are eligible for the RIYBA state tournament.

  • Have less than three (3) teams in their organization

  • Cannot host a tournament

  • Can attend, but do not have a vote at meetings


Throughout its existence, RIYBA has primarily been the communication and coordination arm of the tournament circuit.  In 2012, RIYBA began the task of creating a statewide championship tournament at the end of the season.  Currently, our state tournament is hosted by a member organization.


RIYBA is committed to a new ranking system that is tracked online on the Standings Page.  RIYBA will begin a scheduling system that includes rotating opponents in the first rounds of each tournament.  Additionally, each organization is now responsible to post all game results during each day of their tournament.  Team records will be captured through these results and posted in rank order online. 


Teams must belong to a RIYBA organization and play in at least four (4) RIYBA tournaments to be eligible for the state tournament. 


The online rankings after tournaments ending Sunday, March 1, 2020 will determine the seedings for teams entering the state tournament.  The state tournament is a single elimination tournament with a $140 entry fee.