Player Exception List

  1. Residency - Where a player lives in one town which has a RIYBA organization, but the player is allowed to play for another RIYBA organization via director agreement, approved petition, etc... (Only applies to 8/9 girls' and 9th boys' division)

  2. Non-RIYBA - Where a player lives in a town in which there is no RIYBA organization and is allowed to play for a neighboring town which has RIYBA organization.

  3. COOP - Where two ore more RIYBA organizations pool together to create team(s) due to lack of sufficient player interest in the individual organizations.

  4. Academic Prowess - Where a parent petitions RIYBA to allow for a player to play down a grade to the player's natural aged grade because the player has advanced a grade due to excelling academically.