Matchup Grid

  • The matchup grid shows which teams have been scheduled against each other in pool play rounds and during the first round (and possibly second round - dependent on whether or not one team had a bye) of bracket tournament formats.

  • The scheduler will use this to avoid pairing teams that have already played each other multiple times in either the pool play rounds or first round of a bracket tournament.

  • In a bracket tournament format, only a team's 1st game (and 2nd game if the 2nd game is against a team that had a first-round bye) are included.

  • In a pool play tournament format, only a team's games played during the pool play round are included.

  • Forfeited games do not count in the matchup grid.

  • These are the primary factors when pairing teams for scheduling.  Other factors include blackout times and the number of available teams participating in a particular tournament.

Boys' Matchup Grid

Updated for start of season
(October 16, 2021)

Girls' Matchup Grid

Updated for start of season

(October 16, 2021)


This links brings you to the Google Sheet where you can view notes attached to each match-up by hovering/clicking on a cell.  The notes contain when each pair of teams faced off as well as the type of game.

Cons = Consolation Game;  Champ = Championship Game

Semi = Semifinal Game;  Quarter = Quarterfinal Game