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Parents FAQ's

1.  What is the role of RIYBA?

A: RIYBA's role is the governing body of RI Travel Basketball.  Our job is to provide league games, run tournaments, and to organize end of season playoffs.

2.  Do players register with RIYBA?

A:  No.  Your local association located within your town is responsible for the registration of players.  The town you live in is the town that you play for.

3. What if a town does not have a travel association or a team for my child's age-group?

A: Most towns do.  The few that do not may for play for a RIYBA-approved Co-op team.  These Co-op's are approved by RIYBA and the local association.

4.  Can a player who lives in one town play for another town?

A: No.  Players must play for the towns that they live in.  In extreme situations,  RIYBA has approved certain players playing for a different town.  Those situations are very rare and must be accompanied by documentation and a written rationale as to why.

5. If a player of family has an issue with their association,  can RIYBA step in and resolve the issue?

A; No. All issues about playing time, team selection, coaching, practice time, etc is dealt with at the local association level.  RIYBA does not have any jurisdiction in regards to those issues.