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RIYBA Tournament Rules

2022-2023 Tournament Schedule

  1. Pre-season, November 11-13, 2022 - Directed by Team Providence (up to 120 total teams) *required for all new teams and grades 3 and 4 boys/girls for placement purposes*
  2. Thanksgiving, November 25-27, 2022 - Directed by Narragansett (up to 90 teams)
  3. Christmas/Holidays, December 27-29, 2022 - Directed by Johnston (up to 120 total teams)
  4. MLK Weekend, January 13-16, 2023 - Directed by East Greenwich (200+ teams)
  5. February 15-19, 2023 - Directed by Ponaganset (up to 120 total teams)

RIYBA Tournament Specific


All tournament games follow RI MetroWest Rules above except for the following:

‚óŹ        Game clock: All tournament games have two 18-minute halves that are running time.  The clock stops on all free throws.  In the last 2 minutes of each half, the clock will stop on all whistles.

  • Timeouts:  Each team will have 2 full timeouts per half.  No carryover timeouts.
  • Overtime: 2 additional minutes.  The first minute is running time, and the second minute is stop time. Each team will be awarded one additional timeout.  There is no carryover of timeouts from regulation play.
  • Rosters: MUST match RI MetroWest rosters. No add-on players are allowed. Players cannot “double roster” except for approved girls' teams.
  • No shows/forfeits: Any team who does not show up to a game or does not have enough players to play in a tournament game will be fined the tournament fee ($175-225) and will be warned in writing. If it happens a second time to the same team, they will be fined again and will be banned from future RIYBA tournaments in that season.
  • COVID issues: Those teams that cannot field enough players to play a tournament game due to a COVID-19 outbreak, please view below:
    1. Email the tournament director/president that your team is unable to play.
    2. The Tournament Director will contact/email all RIYBA organizations to fill the vacancy. (first-come-first-serve).
    3. The new team will take the spot of the team that is unable to play.
    4. Per RIYBA policy, there are no refunds once the tournament is published.
    5. If no team is able to fill the spot,  a forfeit will be awarded.