Site Map


The home page showcases the Twitter and Facebook feeds, the week's current tournaments, and a countdown clock to the start of the current week's tournaments.  During the off-season, camps and clinics are posted here.  Postponements and cancellations due to inclement weather can be found here, as well.

Site Map

That's this page...a breakdown of the organization and structure of the web site and a brief description of each page.

Contact Us

This page includes a complete listing of each organization's contact person and link to their member page, as well as a way to contact the RIYBA president and web administrator.


This page informs viewers of the mission and vision of the Rhode Island Youth Basketball Association as well as information about communication protocols, tournaments, the league, and awards.

Lost & Found

It is the role of the tournament directors and fans to contact the web admin with any lost items found at the various tournaments held throughout the season.  The web admin can then post pictures and descriptions of these items on this page so they can be sought out by their rightful owner.


  • Organizations' Info
    A complete listing of each organization's contact person and link to their member page, as well as a way to contact the RIYBA president and web administrator.

  • Non-RIYBA Teams
    A comprehensive list of all non-RIYBA teams that have decided to participate in RIYBA tournaments.

  • Individual Organizations
    Individual pages for each RIYBA member and affiliate.  On each page, viewers can find contact information for the member's director(s), a local website (if available), and information for teams and coaches.

RIYBA Resources

  • Available Player Portal
    This page lists needs and available players from each organization.

  • Committees
    The members and a description of the current committees are listed here.  Currently, RIYBA has a rules committee, an ad-hoc committee focused on studying the girls' division, and an available player portal committee.

  • Division Caps
    A list of all tournaments and the maximum number of teams allowed to register per division.

  • Pool Play Tiebreakers
    A complete set of tiebreakers covering all scenarios in pool play tournament formats and a pdf copy to download.

  • RI Developmental League
    Provides information on the developmental league for lower level travel players.

  • Rules
    Lists the current playing rules (general and game) and a pdf copy to download.

  • State Champions
    A list of all state champions (state championship tournament winners) dating back to the 2012-13 season.

  • Tournament Champions
    A list of all individual tournament champions (excluding the state championship tournaments) dating back to the 2014-15 season.

  • Tournament Host Preparation
    Information for tournament directors to help prepare for their tournaments.  This includes a breakdown of the number of games required based on the number of teams entered in each division for both bracket and pool play as well as a pre-tournament timeline.

Other Resources

  • AAU Basketball
    Provides information on basketball development opportunities through AAU.

  • Camps and Clinics
    Provides opportunities for players to attend various camps and clinics to improve their basketball game.

  • Coach's Corner
    The coach's corner provides links to rules and codes of conduct for RIYBA coaches, coaching resources, and award consideration.

  • Player Development
    Dedicated to encouraging coaches and players to teach proper skills and sportsmanship, and to take advantage of skill development opportunities.

  • Skills and Drills
    Website resources providing illustrations of dozens of drills for players to improve their game and for coaches to utilize in 


  • RIYBA Members/Affiliates
    A password protected page strictly for RIYBA member and affiliate organizations that provides specific access to information and links for tournament registration.

  • Non-RIYBA Teams
    Information for non-RIYBA teams to register their teams for tournaments.


  • Schedule of Tournaments
    The schedule of all tournaments to be played during the upcoming/current season.

  • Individual Tournament Pages
    Individual pages for each organization's tournament.  Each page includes contact information, dates, accepted divisions, entry fees, an embedded display of the schedule from Tourney Machine (when available), gymnasium locations, and historical tournament data.

  • Inactive Tournaments
    A listing of tournaments that are now inactive.

Standings/Matchup Grid

  • 2019-20 Standings
    View the 2019-20 current standings for each grade in the boys and girls divisions by quickly clicking on the corresponding links.  The standings will be used to determined seeding for the end-of-year RIYBA State Championship tournaments.

  • Past Standings
    View standings for each division from past seasons dating back to 2013-14.

  • Matchup Grid
    The matchup grid displays scheduled games among all teams throughout the tournament season in pool play rounds and through each team's first game of a bracket-format tournament.  This will be used to avoid pairing teams in the first round or in the same pool that have already played each other multiple times in first round matchups.