2019-20 Standings

Rankings Formula for Each Division

CA = Championship Game Appearances (Each CA adds 1 point to Points Earned)

C = Championships Won (Each C adds 1 point to Points Earned)

P = Points Earned (W + CA + C)

TP = Total Number of Tournaments Participated in

CS = Composite Score (Points Earned per Tournament Participated in)

*See formula below*

Rank = Position in Standings

W = Total Number of Wins (Each win adds 1 point to Points Earned)

L = Total Number of Losses (Losses do not affect Points Earned)

Win % = Total Wins divided by Total Number of Games Played
                [ Wins / (Wins + Losses) ]

Standings are ordered according to:

1)  Greater Composite Score (CS)

2)  Greater Win %

3)  Head-to-Head

4)  Greater Number of Total Points

5)  Coin Flip (2 teams) or Draw Teams out of Hat (3+ teams)

  CS = W + CA + C


Teams must play in a minimum of four tournaments to qualify for the state tournament and be ranked appropriately in the standings.

* = non-riyba team (ineligible for state championship)

Boys' Standings

Updated through E. Greenwich's Tournament
(January 17-20, 2020)

Girls' Standings

Updated through E. Greenwich's Tournament

(January 17-20, 2020)